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How We Serve?

GeoInsure is a geospatial platform on a mission to deliver real-time insights for the (re)insurance private sector to support data-driven strategic and operative decision marketing. GeoInsure offers 2 types of services:

  • GeoInsure web services - the application is on our infrastructure and the client can access it through a browser based on username and password;
  • GeoInsure platform - the application will be installed on the client’s infrastructure.
GeoInsure web services
GeoInsure platform
Secure access with predefined user role
Registering new insurance policies and editing detailes
Calculating insurance concentration in designted area
API integration with beneficiary systems
Automatic connection to the beneficiary’s core system
Standardised access to geospatial information products
Intuitive navigation and querying of data
Temporal filtering of geospatial information products
Slope calculation, profile line display, and slope exposure
Automatic alerts for abnormal values
Intuitive navigation in notification history
Geomarketing (portfolio quality monitoring)
Mapping affected regions
Detailed documentation

GeoInsure drapes the (re)insurers’ sector with a robust understanding, gained through powerful yet agile solutions, of the geospatial context in which their business is unfolding.

  • GeoInsure enables the harmonisation and seamless integration of multiple data sources, providing the (re)insurance beneficiaries to obtain a comprehensive perspective of the environment in which their clients are.

  • Through GeoInsure service activation, insurers can benefit from extensive pre and post-event analysis performed using highly specialised in-house Earth Observation knowledge extraction algorithms, that generate customised reports.

  • GeoInsure allows ingesting data acquired in the field by insurance agents by leveraging the benefits of Global Navigation Satellite System technologies.

We’re creating a digital resource through which to allow accurate property risk assessment, underwriting, and claims management. With GeoInsure, overlaying risk areas such as flood, landslides, earthquakes, with your own location data is much simpler.

Property risk management


Claims management